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Wednesday - June 6, 2018 2:03 am

La Crosse snow rule changes likely won't include complete street parking ban

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The so-called "snowmageddon" parking rules appear to be going nowhere in La Crosse.

A city council committee overwhelmingly turned down a new snow emergency rule that would force all cars off the street if it snows 12 inches or more. It made zero sense to city council member Jessica Olson.

"For practicality I cannot envision this being realistically possible," she said.

City council rep. Andrea Richmond said that rule was, "Totally wrong."

"Where do you think the people in the neighborhoods are going to park when you have 12 inches of snow?" she asked. "Do you think they're just going to climb up over the curb and park in their yards?"

The committee did approve other rules that better define alternate-side and snow emergency rules. Some of those recommendations came from the city's streets and police departments. They were necessary changes that became apparent during this year's April snow storms, assistant police chief Rob Abraham said at the meeting.

"Conferring with the city attorney, they ordinance that we had on the book was completely ... you couldn't understand it," Abraham said. "He couldn't enforce it. It didn't really tell people what side of the street they had to be on, what side of the street they weren't supposed to be on. It was a mess."

The full council considers the snow rules next week.

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Mitch Reynolds

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