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Monday - June 4, 2018 1:07 am

Mayor OK with ending weed commissioner job, wishes someone would have told weed commissioner

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Turns out, La Crosse's weed commissioner didn't know he didn't have a job anymore.

Jerry Every had been La Crosse's part-time seasonal weed enforcer. The city, however, plans on cutting that position and adding a full-time code enforcer to tackle weeds and more.

Mayor Tim Kabat regrets no one bothered to tell Every he wouldn't have a job this summer, especially with how well he enforced weed rules in the city.

“At least in my mind I really appreciated the job that Jerry had done for us the past several years because, before that, there was very little enforcement and follow-up,” Kabat said. “Jerry added, definitely, a level of robustness and you could see the difference in the neighborhood.”

Every would not comment on the elimination of the position beyond telling WIZM that he had to call City Hall to get the news that he wasn't going to work there this summer.

Not informing Every could have been simply an oversight and Kabat, of course, wishes someone would have told Every. The mayor does, however, like the idea of increasing code compliance with two full-time enforcement positions.

“The expectation is that it’s going to continue and should actually be better,” he said.

The city council votes on the job switch this month. The full-time enforcement position would be added to the Fire Safety and Building Inspections department and would enforce other issues along with overgrown weeds in the city.

Mitch Reynolds

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