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Friday - April 20, 2018 2:38 am

No need to go to hospital, Mayo program allows pregnant mothers to check baby's health from home

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Women who are pregnant and are treated at Mayo Health System in La Crosse could be seeing less of their doctor.

Women with low-risk pregnancies are being given the option called the "OB Nest."

Dr. Costa Sousou, Chair of the OBGYN department, says expectant mothers get equipment to take care of things at home.

“It allows them the convenience to take a listen to their baby’s heartbeat with (equipment), as well as be able to take their own blood pressures,” Sousou said.

Sousou added that instead of seeing their provider 12 times during pregnancy, that number would shrink to 4-5 times, though doctors can be reached remotely if the mother has a concern.

Sousou said the program, which started in late March, has already gotten a positive response.

Drew Kelly

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