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Wednesday - April 11, 2018 7:21 pm

Challenge of recruiting young officials might become a problem in future for Wisconsin high school sports Featured

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As much as they might be disliked throughout the course of a contest, high school sports don't happen without willing referees to officiate the games.

That's becoming a bit of a problem statewide, attracting younger people to take on the job.

Not an issue yet in this area, but the future is concerning says Mississippi Valley Commissioner Ryan Gannon

"We try to bring in newer and younger and refs to team with our 'empty nesters', but I know in the upcoming years, we're going to lose some of our older officials."

Gannon says he most of the recruiting is peer driven amongst referees. He also works with UW-La Crosse's intramural program, seeking out students who have become WIAA certified.

"The kids who are part of the intramural program, officiating their peers. If they're WIAA registerd, I'll get them involved in the lower level activities like JV and freshman games."

Behavior at games has made the WIAA change rules for schools in recent years, including banning certain cheers and signs.

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