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Tuesday - April 10, 2018 8:09 pm

Onalaska provides clarification on Omni Center rules in wake of controversial cancellation

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Some clarification coming on an event cancelled at the Onalaska Omni Center last Friday.

The Omni Center became a focus of potential conflict when the anti-Muslim group, Understanding the Threat, booked the center for a presentation on Friday and then cancelled at essentially the last minute. Apparently due to an insurance issue.

In response to a request for records related to that, Onalaska city administrator Eric Rindfleisch says the problem was not that organizers didn't have the million dollar policy needed to rent the Center, it's that they didn't have a certificate required to prove it.

Rindfleisch says groups who rent the center have to produce a certificate of liability insurance showing the city as an additionally insured.  A requirement on the contract for any event booked at the center.

Rindfleisch tells us the city never asked for additional insurance to hold the event, contrary to what the group had indicated after the cancellation. has also confirmed that the million dollar policy is a part of every contract signed to hold events at the Omni Center, the vast majority of which are ice-related.

Mitch Reynolds

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