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Tuesday - April 3, 2018 2:58 am

APRIL FOOL'S: Onalaska residents receive fake letter from city to paint recycling bins green

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No, city of Onalaska residents, you don't have to paint your recycling bins green. Just a bad April Fool's joke, said city engineer Jarrod Holter.

Several Onalaska city residents flooded the Holter's office with phone calls after receiving the letter, which looked to be on city letterhead.

Holter says they believe the letterhead was scanned onto the joke letter.

Law enforcement is following up on the prank, which was signed April Fool's  if you rearranged the letters.

"It is disappointing that someone from the public would use city letterhead to make it look like a city letter to further such a thing," Holter said.

The letters were apparently sent to different parts of the city at random.


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