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Tuesday - March 27, 2018 2:26 am

Fire truck decision could lead to high voter turnout in Campbell

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A decision about a fire truck could be the one that leads to high voter turnout next Tuesday in the town of Campbell.

On the ballot, an advisory referendum on whether the town should spend up to $500,000 on a new pumper truck.

It's divisive, agrees town board supervisor Bob Wolfert, who's also running for re-election. But, he thinks that's from a very vocal minority of opponents to the idea.

"From the residents' standpoint, it's a little harder to gauge," Wolfert said. "Typically, I hear support and most of them understand the need."

And the need is dire, said the town's fire chief. The current pumper truck is 36 years old and, among other problems, the pump doesn't reliably function.

The 1982 pumper is no longer safe or reliable for responding to emergencies, the chief said.

Wolfert faces Bruce Becker on the ballot.

Becker has been a vocal opponent of buying a new fire truck.

Mitch Reynolds

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