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Wednesday - March 14, 2018 1:41 am

Gov. Walker says release of school safety plan is close

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By next week, there should be more about what new school safety measures Gov. Scott Walker has for Wisconsin.

Tuesday afternoon on WIZM, Walker said he's close to releasing more information on changes he'd like to see to make schools safer.

“Our focus is going to be simple,” Walker said. “Much like the country did after 9/11, where we dramatically changed the way we go into airports and get onto airplanes. Today we’re obviously very safe because of that. We want the same thing to be true in our schools.”

Cost and specifics aren't available yet but Walker appears to liken his plan very much to how people go through airports.

“You see it with TSA,” he said. “I was just at the airport the other day. They’re checking, not just for firearms, they’re checking for explosives, knives and other weapons.

“We want to make sure that people are safe from everything at the school.”

Walker added that he wants to see students uniformly protected, and not have that protection based on how many teachers want to carry guns in the classroom.

“For me, that’s really not my focus,” Walker said of arming teachers. “I visited about 60 schools. I gotta tell you … teachers I talked to just want to teach.”

Walker says he's looking for safety improvements all over the state.

After Walker releases details of his school safety proposals, the legislature is expected to convene in a special session to deal with the issue.

Listen to the entire interview with Walker here (at about the 15:30 mark):

Gov. Walker at 4:20 today. #WIZM. Call or TEXT 608.785.7914

Posted by 1410 WIZM - La Crosse's News Station on Tuesday, March 13, 2018
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