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Wednesday - February 7, 2018 3:17 am

Stretch of Holmen Dr. causing frustration among village board members

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It was redone just last year. Now, however, as a half-mile stretch of Holmen Drive is showing cracks and other issues, frustration is mounting in the Village of Holmen.

Village board member Chuck Olson says the project done by the county highway department is unacceptable.

"The county can make all the excuses it wants, as far as I'm concerned, but they put the product down," Olson said.

The issues are with the top two inches of asphalt, which the county says was caused in part by the cold temperatures at the time the work was being done. Highway commissioner Ron Chamberlain told the county board that the project was delayed several times, and laying asphalt ended up being done in November.

And because it could need to be redone, Olson says Holmen citizens get the shaft.

"Even if La Crosse County, as a whole, says we'll do it all over, the Village of Holmen are taxpayers of La Crosse County," Olson said. "So, we're going to pay twice."

Olson says other work done by the county made him leery to have them complete the project.

"I specifically brought it up before the project even begun, that we need to be very cautious about having La Crosse County Highway Dept. paving that road," Olson said. "Because you drive around the county, they don't do the best job of paving."

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