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Wednesday - February 7, 2018 3:02 am

$1 million gift, largest ever for Mississippi Valley Conservancy

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(File photo of Mississippi Valley Conservancy) (File photo of Mississippi Valley Conservancy)

It is the Mississippi Valley Conservancy's largest donation ever.

An anonymous donor just sent the nonprofit a $1 million endowment fund.

Mississippi Valley executive director Carol Abrahamzon says the donation is just another selfless act within the county that gives away acres of its own land to conserve nature.

The nonprofit hopes to turn the endowment into $3 million with matching contributions.

"This endowment will allow us to grow programing in the future," Abrahamzon said. "Something that every nonprofit worries about, is how to expand and do more with what you have."

Abrahamzon added the gift will help ensure they'll be around for decades to come.

Drew Kelly

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