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Tuesday - December 26, 2017 12:44 am

Wisconsin's tax overhaul to be done carefully and with bipartisan support says Onalaska rep. Steve Doyle

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Now that federal tax changes are law, Wisconsin lawmakers look to sharpen pencils and do a little overhauling of their own.

Onalaska state rep. Steve Doyle is on a committee in Madison that's aiming to do a top-to-bottom evaluation of all state and local taxes.

"What we're hoping for, in the state level, is to look at, 'What can we do to take on a system that was designed 50-100 years ago and put it to the modern age?,'" Doyle said. "If we can susccesufl do that, I think that's going to be huge."

While federal tax law changes were written, debated (not publically) and hastily ushered into law in weeks, Doyle anticipates state tax law changes to undergo a more rigorous process and, he hopes, will include significant bipartisan input.

"Are we looking for something that was almost an overnight type thing like in Washington?" Doyle said. "No, we're not even expecting some final results anymore this session."

Doyle says when both parties are less interested in doing it fast and more interested in doing it right.

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