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Friday - December 1, 2017 12:20 am

More to Gov. Walker's $6.8 million ad campaign than worker recruitment

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While a splashy new ad campaign to recruit workers to Wisconsin is the most noticeable part of Gov. Scott Walker's approach, there's more to the plan.

It was highlighted this week at a business meeting and the plan also involves his ongoing push to reform welfare and highlight the Wisconsin's veterans benefits, along with getting recent Wisconsin university graduates to move back to the state from places like Chicago and the Twin Cities.

Should be easy to do, says Walker.

"We can make a pretty compelling case about the differential between actually doing things in WIsconsin, out canoeing, or enjoying a concert or having a drink with friends as opposed to be stuck in commuting time," Walker said during a talk at a state business meeting this week.

Walker's asking the legislature to approve $6.8 million for a national ad campaign to attract new workers to the state.

"The right time for us is often 4-5 years after they graduate," Walker said. "When they've got the excitement, they love the big city, they love the big job and suddenly they're getting more serious about thinking about family some day, where they're going to settle down, what all that is going to cost."

Walker adds that his comprehensive workforce development plan continues to focus on welfare reform and drug testing for public benefits, as well. 

Mitch Reynolds

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