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Friday - November 17, 2017 2:11 am

UW-L Rep. chair not outraged by insensitive tweets from Dem. that got national attention

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Called tweets unfortunate and reminder internet is forever 

The tweets briefly brought national attention this week to campus politics at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

There, however, doesn't appear to be a ton of outrage among college Republicans at UW-L. At least not from college Republican chair Tom Daly.

He says tweets from college Democrat Sarah Semrad were mostly unfortunate and are a good lesson on the ramifications of careless posting on social media.

"It was a healthy reminder that everything you post on social media, whether there is a meaning or inside joke behind it, that stuff's there for life and anyone can see," Daly said.

He does note, however, the lack of condemnation for Semrad's language among her own party.

"Every now and then we do try to claim that there's some hipochracy on the other side of the aisle and there's some double standards set," Daly said. "This is an example of what sometimes we have pointed out as seeing."

In a private tweet Semrad posted, "I f***ing hate white men." Another tweet featured her bragging about tearing down fliers for Christian-based pregnancy counseling.

Semrad was vice chair of College Democrats of Wisconsin at the time. She no longer holds that position.

UW-L Democrats call Semrad a "wonderful person with an admirable passion for government work and serving the needs of others."

Daly does wonder why the campus hate response team hasn't issued some sort of statement addressing Semrad's tweets.

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