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Wednesday - November 1, 2017 1:11 am

Myrick Park Zoo comeback has three-phase plan to start

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Not part of the comeback will be monkeys 

The effort to restore the Myrick Park Zoo is still ongoing.

The Myrick Park Community, Inc., has a three phase plan for the project.

Sue Calloway, a spokesperson for the Myrick Park Community, said rebuilding what's left of the duck house is the first phase of the renewal plan.

The next two stages would be to install new playground equipment, then bring animals to the zoo — but only animals found in this area. No monkeys.

Almost 20 years ago, local Rotary members launched a campaign to improve the old zoo. That drive eventually led to the elimination of most of the zoo and construction of an Eco-Park Center.

A t-shirt sale as part of fundraising efforts goes through Friday. The shirts have a drawing of a peacock on the front, along with the slogan 'If you build it, they will come.'

Calloway says proceeds will go toward the old duck house and rebuilding the pond around it.

A design for the revived zoo has been presented to the Community's committee, and it will be brought to La Crosse's city hall committees for approval.

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