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Wednesday - September 13, 2017 1:49 am

Political activist turned Democrat, Mike McCabe officially announces run for Wisconsin governor

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McCabe is former head of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
and founder of activist group Blue Jean Nation 

He's not one of the usual suspects running for governor in Wisconsin. 

Mike McCabe, however, doesn't mind being a little different. The political activist plans to shake things up a little in his run to unseat Gov. Scott Walker.

"I think the political culture has been poisoned," McCabe said. "I think the political system has been corrupted and needs to be shaken up and transformed."

McCabe isn't the typical Democrat. McCabe isn't a Democrat at all. McCabe, however, knows he has to run under that label to have a chance at winning in Wisconsin.

"Everywhere I go I run into people who are looking for something that breaks the mold and shakes up the political culture and that's what I aim to do," McCabe said.

As for the other Democrats running for for governor so far? McCabe says he's different.

"They're all very accomplished people but they all have one thing in common: They all seem really comfortable operating within the political system as it currently functions," McCabe said. "They all seem at peace with the political culture and I'm not."

McCabe formally announced his run for governor Tuesday. He is the former head of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and founder of the relatively new activist group, Blue Jean Nation. His announcement brings the total to six, so far, in that party seeking to take on Walker in a general election.

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