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Monday - September 11, 2017 1:22 am

Equifax breach reminder consumer and business need to track digital footprint

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Company offering free credit monitoring but must give up rights to sue

The massive data breach reported last week by credit report company Equifax should serve as a cautionary tale.

That's the urging from Wisconsin Consumer Protection administrator Frank Frassetto.

"We try to inform consumers to keep stock of their digital footprint," he said.

Frassetto adds that consumers use caution moving forward.

"When you're shopping online or when you're searching for different things and people are asking you for various bits of information," he said. "You really need to think twice about how badly you want the next purchase, if you have to give out certain pieces of information."

Frassetto also questions the business side of these transaction and its responsibility.

"Businesses need to be careful about why they're asking you for certain information and is it necessary for them to even have it," he said.

For at least 143 million Americans, the headaches from the massive identity theft reported last week could go on for years.

The credit reporting agency has offered free credit report monitoring but only if you give up your right to sue over damages.

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