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Tuesday - September 5, 2017 3:46 am

The Fox-CON: lots of money from taxpayers with no guarantees for workers

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State has yet to clear the way on $3 billion incentive package 

The "con" in Foxconn seems appropriate right now, according to Wisconsin AFL-CIO president Phil Neuenfeldt.

He sees the $3 billion incentive package Wisconsin to the the Taiwan manufacturer as a lot of money from hard working taxpayers with no guarantees for workers.

"That's a whole lot of your money. And not much in guarantees," Neuenfeldt said. "We think that they should pay a living wage, have health care, look at how you train and bring people in from the local communities to fill these jobs."

Neuenfeldt says there ought to be, at least, guarantees that state workers get the 13,000 jobs promised at wherever the $10 billion Foxconn plant goes in southeastern Wisconsin

"It's the wisconsin taxpayers paying for this," Neuenfeldt said. "It's the Wisconsin people that should benefit from it, and not people from illinois."

Neuenfeldt also believes workers should have one more thing, and perhaps this is the biggest: The ability to organize a union.

"If there's going to be a deal on Foxconn, then it should have certain things in place," Neuenfeldt said. "Number one, we need to make sure there's there's an agreement around respecting a worker's freedom."

State lawmakers have yet to completely clear the way for the Foxconn incentive package.

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