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Sunday - August 27, 2017 9:55 pm

Bye bye $450,000 parking gate system

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No word from city yet as to how much new system costs 

Monday, the parking gates become obsolete in downtown La Crosse ramps.

The wooden gates have been removed from the Main St. and La Crosse Center ramps already, after only three years after being installed.

The Market Square gates were taken down two weeks ago.

The old gated system cost La Crosse around $450,000. No word yet on how much the new system costs.

Drivers complained about being stuck behind gates that wouldn't open and the barriers were broken or damaged many times by vandals.

Those parking in the ramps now will have to register their drivers' license number or message, and pay for the estimated parking duration. 

Police will give out tickets if the cars stay longer than planned. The first three hours are still free.


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