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Tuesday - August 22, 2017 1:28 am

Waiting for overdue budget, Onalaska schools superintendent says they're at mercy of state

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Budget is nearing two months overdue

Only three states in the country haven't completed a budget. Wisconsin is one of those, as the budget is now over a month and a half overdue.

Most affected by the waiting game are school districts, which have to make decisions on hiring staff.

Onalaska Superintendent Fran Finco says they always prepare for the worst and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

"What if we had a plan for $200 new per student and got none?" Finco asked. "Now, where are we going to cut $600,000?

"You absolutely plan for what you know to be true, which is no increase."

The priorities seem to be on other things with the state Legislature.

"I think, without some of the other things that have been going on just recently - the Foxconn debate - this might have been done a little earlier," Finco said, adding that they're at the mercy of the state

"Every two years there's that two-year biennium budget and you're up in the air until the legislature makes a (decision)," Finco said.

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