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As I See It

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Wednesday - November 22, 2017 9:31 am

Wisconsin lawmakers have largely wrapped up work on the current legislative session. There wasn't a lot of heavy lifting this session. No doubt our lawmakers were exhausted after finally passing a state budget more than two months late. They did tackle a couple thorny issues, like allowing toddlers to legally hunt in Wisconsin. And even though technically their legislative session won't adjourn until mid-spring, there is little left on the legislative calendar. One issue that should be on the top of lawmakers priority list is redistricting reform. The current process of redrawing legislative boundaries in Wisconsin is currently before the United States Supreme Court. And although prior courts have ordered the state to come up with a better system of drawing boundaries rather than allowing the political party in charge to gerrymander the maps to benefit their candidates, the only response so far has been to continue filing lawsuits. Given that our lawmakers have plenty of time on their hands before they hit the road to beg for campaign cash, this would be a perfect time to schedule public hearings on this important issue. The public should be allowed to be heard on this. But they don't much like hearing outside opinions. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos got in the face of Ohio Governor John Kasich who had the audacity to say he favors fair election maps and opposes partisan gerrymandering. Our lawmakers have plenty of time, but little on their agenda. This would be the time to let the public speak out about how Wisconsin's system of drawing political boundaries can be improved.

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