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Wisconsin doesn’t need law protecting those with pre-existing medical conditions

Sometimes, politicians make things more difficult than they need to be. For example, Governor Scott Walker has ordered his Attorney General to sue the federal government over the Affordable Care Act. Walker has a history of trying to undermine the federal health care law. He promised to repeal the law “on day one” if he […]

Trade war just got more real

The trade war continues to escalate. And it is about to get much more real. Already we have seen the impacts of President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on a variety of items made in other countries but sold in the U.S. Largely, that impact has been higher prices for American consumers, and declining sales […]

It’s getting expensive to drive on Wisconsin’s roads

We already know what kind of shape Wisconsin’s roads are in. Now we are finding out just how much it is costing us to drive on them. A report by TRIP, a national transportation research group, finds that 31% of Wisconsin roads are in poor condition. Driving on these dilapidated roads carries a hefty price […]

A famous author was part of a local court case, in 1966

In early 1966, author John Howard Griffin spoke in La Crosse about his experiences posing as a black man in the South, as described in his book “Black Like Me.” While in the city, Griffin was served with a subpoena by the La Crosse Sheriff’s Department, ordering him to appear locally in court as part […]

Men whose names are on UWL buildings made news in 1973

Former university president Rexford Mitchell died on the 4th of July in 1973. He was 77. Mitchell holds the longevity record among the people who have led the La Crosse campus, serving as president for almost 30 years. The campus only had four buildings when Mitchell became president in 1939. The main physical education building […]

A new name for a local park, 5 years ago

In 2013, the La Crosse park department was debating whether to keep the name Hood Park on public property along 5th Avenue South. There was a concern that the name ‘Hood’ suggested crime, even though the park and a nearby street were named after William Hood, an early surveyor of La Crosse. One alternate name […]