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National emergency declarations should be for real emergencies

It is good that the President has the ability to declare a national emergency. Such a move was likely necessary after the United States was attacked on September 11. Declaring a national emergency allowed President Bush to free up federal funding to respond to a true emergency that was not planned for.  But such a […]

Too many big companies pay no taxes

If you and I fail to pay our taxes, the taxman comes looking for us. But if you are a big corporation, our government is happy to make it easy for them to avoid paying taxes. That is clear with this week’s announcement that Amazon paid no federal income taxes last year, for the second […]

UWL named one of worst campuses for free speech

When a large group of people gets together, there is always some diversity of opinion. Such is the case with a college campus like UW-La Crosse. Learning that other people see the world differently can be eye-opening. It may lead to a changed opinion, or perhaps a willingness to disagree. That is not possible however, […]

Football fans in western Wisconsin wanted to see Ditka, 22 years ago

The Packers may have been the reigning Super Bowl champs in the summer of 1997, but there was excitement in La Crosse about the New Orleans Saints hiring long-time Bears coach Mike Ditka.  People were curious to find out when Ditka would get to La Crosse for the Saints’ 10th training camp at UW-L.  Hotel […]

Buying rings wasn’t just for Valentine’s Day, 54 years ago

Throughout the year in 1965, local stores placed ads in the La Crosse State campus newspaper, selling diamond rings and other types of rings…apparently, in case students were planning to get engaged.  One issue of the Racquet featured jewelry ads from Doerflinger’s, Crescent, and Cremer’s Jewelry.   A small ad in the Tribune asked the […]

Hoop dreams live on, 18 years ago

In 2001, it was a space oddity…the La Crosse Center had space for a professional basketball team, but no team. Early that year, the La Crosse Bobcats folded in the middle of their fifth season in town, when the C-B-A temporarily shut down. La Crosse Center manager Art Fahey spoke with the city room tax […]